Llandow Raceway nr Bridgend South Wales 16th/17th June 2012 round 4, finals 7&8 of the 16 round UK National Championship

Supporting The Alzheimer's Society 2012 - Llandow Raceway points score 237, so total to date = 921 = £230.25 pledged so far.

Llandow rained throughout Saturday practice but was dry and warm on Sunday morning so 38 drivers lined up for timed qualifying in the Light Weight class with no dry practice

and Conset Kart qualified 8th overall .. The top 10 were split by just 0.5 of a second

The first race was a fierce battle for 6th place between Jim Rainbird and current lightweight UK champion Ayrton Hirst, Jim driving 'Conset kart' got ahead several times only for the no.1 plated Ayrton to squeeze back past, so 7th place at the flag for Conset Kart, meaning grid 7 for the first final of the day.

The first final gave the same result 7th for Conset Kart, still unable to dislodge the no.1 plate ahead, much of the race had the 2 karts covered by under 0.3 of a second.

For the second final minor setting changes were made to the chassis and although this improved the early race pace for Conset Kart it made for difficult handling later on in

the race, no.1 finishing 6th this time and Conset Kart battling instead throughout the 20 laps with 18 year old Jack Sales, finally Jack found a way through, Jim driving 'Conset Kart'

finishing 8th and top of the so called 'masters class' (for the over 30's) out of the 38 or so lightweight drivers in this years UK championship around 10 are 'Masters' Jim at 51 being

well qualified!

A healthy clutch of points towards the 16 race championship, of which a driver drops their worst 3 scores, Current standings with 1 round dropped are below:

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