Llandow raceway near Cardiff Wales 29th/30th June

Supporting The Alzheimer's Society 2013 - Llandow points score 210, meaning a donation by Interline to of £52.50, as the 5th round of the 8 events in 2013.

Running total points 1053 so a donation pledge so far of £263.25


Not a good race weekend for Conset Kart. Having been fast during Saturday testing a new set of tyres were fitted for the final test session, the lap times then worsened considerably. The norm is to fit new tyres for the Sunday racing, each driver is allowed just one set that have to be marked with their race number.  We decided to run our worn tyres for the races since our new set were so bad. Unfortunately most others who fitted new tyres on Sunday found a considerable improvement in speed.

Conset Kart managed to qualify in the faster 'A' grid but near the back and that is where it stayed throughout, 0.3-0.4 seconds per lap off the pace needed.


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