Ellough Park nr Lowestoft round 2&3 report, April 28/29th 2012

Supporting The Alzheimer's Society 2012 - Ellough Park points score 228, so total to date = 442 = £110.50 pledged so far.

Unfortunately the Saturday and Sunday weather was not like the day this photo was taken, instead it was a dismal 7C with periods of extremely heavy rain.

More like January than late April !

Rather like the current situation in F1, tyres were the no.1 issue. Most drivers found that the latest batch of rain tyres were

a staggering 2 seconds per lap faster in the rain than previous batches but the tyre wear was 'extreme' to say the least, since

the rubber on the new batch was so soft.

A lucky few had managed to secure 2 of the new fast 'soft' sets, some had mixed sets and other only had the slow harder ones and no

more were available.


Conset Kart had just one set of soft ones which wore quickly in just one 15 minute practice session on Saturday, compromising

the Sunday race day.


38 light weight drivers lined up for qualifying and Conset kart took grid 9 in the fastest 'A' group.

Grid 9 for the first race went well and resulted in 5th place.


Grid 5 in the first final was open for a gamble, it was raining heavily and it was decided to take a chance and run lower tyre pressures to see

if it would work, with finding a set up for the main final the main priority in mind. It did not work and Conset Kart finished 9th.


Grid 9 for the main final but now the weather had changed, with an hour to go the sky cleared, the temperature went up and the wind blew,

meaning the track was drying fast but still wet in places. A decision was taken to run with the existing set up and our now very very worn soft rain tyres,

some drivers went for dry tyres, some had the harder rain tyres. Conset Kart ran 7th until lap 5 and then it was all downhill from there as the tyres literally

fell apart, as the race went on it got worse and worse, a few drivers on dry tyres came through, all the ones on harder rain tyres came through too.

The end result was a disappointing 15th in the A final.