Supporting The Alzheimer's Society - Points score for Conset kart 1988 @ £1 per 5 points = £397.60 Donation to The Alzeimer's Society for 2014.

Summary; 2014 Easykart National UK Championship

Each round has timed qualifying giving the grid positions for the first race, then the finishing postions in that race give the grid positions for the pre-final and that race then gives the grid positions for the main final, all the races at each round have points for the championship and the driver drops his worse score from one round.

The 8 round championship is at different circuits across England and Wales.

Round 1

Buckmore Park raceway round 1 of the 8 round UK National Championship, Kent provided a mainly dry March weekend and the racing was certainly exciting to watch. 28 drivers lined up for timed qualifying in the Senior 172kg class and Conset Kart qualified 12th overall .. Conset kart came through to win the main final.

Round 2

Three Sisters raceway near Wigan.

A dry weekend but Conset Kart had some power problems, the engine that would normally rev to around 16000rpm was struggling to reach 15000rpm and since spare engines are not allowed it resulted in 3 finishes outside of the top 10.

Round 3

Shennington Raceway near Banbury Oxon.

Another dry warm weekend with a big entry list. Conset Kart qualified 2nd fastest, missing pole by hundreths of a second. 3rd in the first race but having to take to the grass in the main final to avoid a spinning driver caused a drop to 11th, recovering to 5th by the flag in the main final.

Round 4

Clay Pigeon raceway near Yeovil Dorset

Warm and sunny again. Conset kart down in 9th despite having been fastest during Saturday testing. A great deal of head scratching decided that the tyres pressures were set just too low since it was much cooler in the morning than the day before. Unfortunately having got up to 5th the plastic nose of the kart came detached and Conset kart had to retire and start from the very back of the grid for the next race, on grid 27. An accident in that race caused a restart, Conset Kart had damaged / bent steering which slowed it's pace but manbged 16th place by the flag. Starting 16th for the main final and now amongst the fastest drivers again, Conset kart came through to 9th place setting a faster lap than the winner and just over 1 tenth of a second off the lap record.


Round 5

Glan y Gor raceway North Wales

One of the most spectacular areas in the UK with the circuit set in beautiful surroundings on a hillside.

Unforunately an accident in race one caused by another driver meant that Conset Kart retired completely from the event.

Round 6

Llandow raceway near Cardiff South Wales

wet qualifying did not go well, resulting only 10th on the grid, although the track dried by the afternoon Conset kart was not fast enough to challenge for better tha 9th place.

Round 7

Whilton Mill raceway near Daventry.

26 Drivers were entered and it was back to normal weatherwise, warm and dry. Qualifying did not go great, 10th place and almost 0.5 of a second off the pole position lap time. An engine siezure in the second race meant that Conset Kart started from the back of the grid for the main final, coming through to 10th by the flag. You can see TV footage here

Round 8

Ellough Park raceway near Lowestoft Suffolk

The last round, Conset Kart now with a brand new frame and engine cylinder after problems causing losss of speed had been identified. Conset kart qualified 4th just 0.1 of a second off pole position and next to the newly crowned 2014 champion who was on grid 3. Race 1 started OK but by lap 10 Conset Kart had a brake problem with fluid leaking, saving 9th by the flag at 16 laps.

Race 2 was better, starting 9th and battling hard to finish 7th. So for the last main final of the year Conset Kart lined up on grid 7. Up to 6th, then up to 5th and then with 2 laps left up to 4th and right on the tail of the leading 3, at the flag Conset kart was just 1 second back from 1st place. A great race to finish a difficult championship which despite all the things that went wrong netted an overall 7th place in the championship standings.

1988 points meaning a £397.60 'Conset Kart' donation to The Alzeimer's Society for 2014.

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