Whilton Mill Raceway nr Daventry, Northamptonshire

Supporting The Alzheimer's Society 2013 - Whiton Mill Raceway points score 217, meaning a donation by Interline to of £54.25, as the first of the 8 events in 2013.


45 lightweight senior drivers from 15 years + turned out for this event, it was good to see at least 10 'over 30's'

In theory it should have been springtime ! but instead it was freezing and heavy snow fell on Sunday morning.

Saturday practice had been good with Conset kart running fast in both wet and dry.

The snow delayed proceedings but the temperature edged above 1C and cars were driven around the circuit and eventually the events were underway.

Timed qualifying only produced 15th place which was very disappointing after Saturdays wet pace, at least it gave automatic qualification for the 'A' grid with the top 22

going through automatically. The rest of the day was problematic caused by the extreme cold temperatures, we simply failed to go high enough on tyre pressures whilst others got it right.

Also a brake binding problem that we could not resolve made the handling even worse. The outcome was 15th in the first final and 20th in the second final.

So 25 drivers behind Conset Kart including some prominent drivers but not the start to the year we had hoped for.

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