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News: Jim Rainbird's tally is 1508 points meaning a donation by Interline to The Alzheimer's Society of £377.00 for 2012.



Interline UK have decided to support the Alzheimer's Society again with £1 for every 4 points scored by Jim Rainbird during the 2012 season. A possible 265 points are up for grabs at each round (530 at Daventry). Check this page for updates as the race series continues. SEE EVENT REPORTS BELOW

Many of our senior citizens are the heroes for our country, many alive today having lived through a world war. Alzeimers too often robs people and their loved ones of many years of normal life. We all hope to reach a ripe old age .. To reach that goal with our memories and abilities intact means that the person retains their independence .. Something most of us are lucky enough to take for granted at least in our younger years.  The Alzheimer's Society is dedicated to defeating dementia Alzheimers Research

How it all started ...Easykart 2011 8 round UK Championship...(final result 5th overall) Jim Rainbird - Conset Kart.
“in 2010 having been out of karting since 2005 it suddenly dawned on me that with 50 years old looming, if I was ever going to race again the time was now. A few phone calls took place in November 2010 to old contacts and I decided to do the ‘Easykart’ championship for 2011. The series benefits from having strict rules regards modifications and testing before races, which keeps the costs lower than some other National Karting Championships but being a National series, with Worldwide recognition it offers and excellent way to use my racing experience to promote our ‘Conset’ brand further “

For 2012 .. “changing to the light weight class means more youngsters, that will be very hard going, I hate to say it ... for a veteran like me, 2011 was hard enough with the championship top 4 all in their 20’s rather than 50’s”

2012 - Conset Kart will be on track again throughout the UK and again will be supporting ‘The Alzheimers Society’
Look out for no.168 in the 158kg Senior light weight catagory.
RD 1 10TH/11TH MARCH TEESSIDE A’DROME Middlesborough Location | 2012 EVENT REPORT
RD 2 28TH/29TH APRIL ELLOUGH PARK nr Gt Yarmouth Location | 2012 EVENT REPORT
RD 3 26TH/27TH MAY CLAY PIGEON nr Yeovil Location | 2012 EVENT REPORT
RD 4 16TH/17TH JUNE LLANDOW South Wales Location | 2012 EVENT REPORT
RD 5 14TH/15TH JULY FOREST EDGE, Blandford Dorset Location | 2012 EVENT REPORT
RD 6/7 10TH/11TH/12TH AUGUST WHILTON MILL (International + Zulu) Daventry Location | 2012 EVENT REPORT

Easykart 2011 172kg Championship (final result 5th overall) Jim Rainbird - Conset Karts full 2011 reports here.

The karts
125cc 2 stroke motors revving to around 16000rpm and giving accelaration from 4mph - 60mph of less than 3 seconds with a typical top speed of around 80mph depending on the circuit gearing. Around 80 Senior class drivers will compete at each round split in 2 catagories depending on total weight of kart and driver 158kg and 172kg

For 2012 Conset Kart will run in the Light Weight class 158kg having competed in the 172kg class in 2011 where 5th overall in the UK championship was achieved, with a donation to the Alzeimer’s Society totalling £417.00

If you wish to donate to to The Alzheimer's Society, here is the link Alzheimers Donate
Visit a race meeting
If you are able to visit any of the above events the main race day is always on the Sunday. Please come and say hello.. Just look for no.168 in the club 100 awning.
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